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Online Syllabi

You can find the latest syllabus for most of your training on the national website at  You will have to do a little scrolling to find the one you want, but it will be the most current version.

Make sure your participants get credit!

Submit a roster, Excel or PDF! Remember, if a name is misspelled or unreadable, none of the BSA record keeping programs will be able to find it.


Council has approved a one-day version of BALOO. It uses the current syllabus (October 2018). Here are some useful links.

Syllabus (under ‘Outdoor Skills Training Courses’), org/training/adult/.

One-Day Schedule in Excel, in PDF.

Handouts and other resources for BALOO, org/training-resources/training-documents/BALOO.

You are still welcome to use the overnight schedule.


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